Co-ops are a little bit different

When you join a co-operative, you are purchasing a share. As a shareholder and part owner, when the Co-op turns a profit, some of that profit is returned to you.

This profit sharing happens in two ways:

An annual cash payment

– not points, not miles, not tokens – a cheque made out to you to spend however you choose.*


- Your stake in the business can grow over time and is paid out to you later on (usually at age 65, 69 or 70 depending on your co-op’s rules).

Because you’re buying a share (not paying a membership fee), you only pay once. There are no monthly or annual fees.

This is not a loyalty program. There are no miles to collect, and no points to accumulate. You are an owner and your reward is cash.

“Rewards” programs come and go but our co–operatives have been operating this way – keeping profits local and serving communities in Western Canada – for about a hundred years.

Help keep money in your community – and in your wallet.

You can join today by visiting the customer service counter at your local Co-op.

To learn more about Co-op membership benefits visit the FAQ page.

* Not everyone qualifies to receive cash back; each co-op sets its own minimum spending thresholds and rules for profit distribution, when profits are realized. These rules are determined by independent boards of directors at each co-op. Please check with your local co-op to learn about how cash-back and equity are governed in your area.

It all comes back to you

Facts & Numbers

Our federation of co-operatives is made up of 203 co-ops. Each is independent, owned by its members, and governed by a local board of directors.

100% local ownership, investment in community and lifetime benefits for members are at the core of our co-operatives.

Western Canadian co-ops have over 1.8 million active members sharing in hundreds of millions of dollars of cash-back and equity annually.

Several of our co-ops have been operating for more than 100 years!

The Co-op Refinery Complex in Regina, Saskatchewan, supplies fuel to co-operatives across Western Canada. The refinery was founded when eight enterprising farmers banded together in 1935 to produce 500 barrels of fuel per day. The CRC now produces approximately 130,000 barrels per day, supplying much of Western Canada with fuel.