Co-op Liquor Stores in Saskatchewan

Local co-ops will soon be applying for the opportunity to own and operate liquor stores in communities across Saskatchewan.

This stems from the Government of Saskatchewan’s proposal in November 2015 to expand the private liquor retail system in the province. This originally included plans for 12 new stores in underserved communities and converting 40 government-owned stores to private operations.

Locally owned

Local co-ops operate 95 liquor stores across Western Canada, including 33 franchise stores and one private store already in Saskatchewan. Co-op is already a recognized and trusted brand in the province, operating in over 250 communities in the food, home and building, fuel and agriculture sectors.

Co-ops are locally owned and operated businesses. They are owned by their members and governed by an elected board of directors. They work to create jobs and economic development locally, give back to communities through donations and sponsorships, and share profits with their members.

Please visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for more information:


1. Where is Co-op looking to expand its liquor operations?

Co-op operates in many of the communities where either an existing government liquor store will be converted to private or a new store will be created. Please speak to your local co-op association to see if they will be submitting a proposal for a license in your community.

2. If Co-op is successful, who will own and operate the liquor store?

If Co-op submits a proposal and is awarded a liquor license, the liquor store will be owned and operated by the local co-operative association similar to any other Co-op facility.

3. Will a Co-op liquor store offer a large assortment of products and in store services?

Co-op Wine Spirits Beer operate successful retail stores with a commitment to customer service and product selection. Selection and services will be tailored to each community and dependent on individual locations and space availability.

4. For store conversions, would you operate out of the same facility?

According to the Request for Proposal process outlined by Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, liquor retail sales can occur directly within an existing business in communities with less than 5,000 people. Co-op is reviewing these opportunities and will submit a proposal for the liquor license based on the feasibility of the opportunity.

5. Why is Co-op exploring the expansion of liquor operations?

Local co-ops currently operate more than 95 liquor outlets across Western Canada, including 33 franchise stores and one private store in Saskatchewan. They provide our Co-op members and customers with quality products and service as well as the benefits and rewards of lifetime memberships.

6. How will you ensure you don’t sell alcohol to minors?

Selling liquor to minors is illegal. Co-ops understand the added responsibility and care needed when dealing with the sale of beverage alcohol. We promote public safety and moderation in selling alcohol to our customers through consistent messaging that reinforces responsible consumption. We train our staff in safe handling and selling practices to reduce the risks associated in the retail alcohol environment.

Social responsibility in our liquor retailing operations is an unwavering commitment to the care and safety of our members and customers.

View our Social Responsibility Promise (PDF).

7. Whom can I provide feedback to on this?

Comments can be addressed to Co-op administration (i.e. the General Manager of your local co-op association) or


For more information on Co-op applying to own and operate liquor stores in your community, please speak with administration at your local Co-op or email