Application period is Feb. 1 to Mar. 1, 2017.

Funding Categories

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2017 Funding

$25,000 - $150,000 available per project. $2M will be awarded across Western Canada in 2017.

Co-op Community Spaces requires all projects to submit their project budgets within the application form.

Application Period

Online applications will be accepted from February 1 - March 1, 2017. Paper copies will not be accepted.


Please direct questions or inquiries to


Projects eligible for funding must:
  • be a registered non-profit, registered charitable organization or a community service co-operative
  • be a capital project located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba
  • be completed in two years
  • Provide the opportunity for permanent signage
Projects ineligible for funding include:
  • those that support religious or politically affiliated organizations
  • those that will have adverse environmental impacts
  • those that are third-party fundraising campaigns
  • those that are led solely by municipal governments and do not have a charitable or non-profit partner
    *Local non-profits and charities partnering with their local municipality must apply on behalf of the project.

Program Recipients

The Co-op Community Spaces Program is helping build and support communities across Western Canada. The program funded 16 projects with nearly $1 million in 2015, which increased to 21 projects and $1.5 million in funding in 2016.

2015 Community Spaces Funding Recipients

2016 Community Spaces Funding Recipients

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